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'Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows. ' Matthew 10:31 https://my.bible.com/bible/59/MAT.10.31

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A New Beginning on my 55th Birthday - 9/11/218

I started this site in 2011 and it's taken on several forms. Mostly it was to be a marketing site for my various marketing projects, from Insurance to Advertising to On-line networking. Those were all great things and I grew tremendously in the past several years.

This site however, never really took off. I didn't spend a lot of time or effort on it to create back links and other cool high tech ways to create traffic and generate "leads". One thing I always was kind of missing was just a place I could write and share my true thoughts without any motivation to turn those thoughts into a marketing tool. When I did work on websites it was always with the idea of using keywords and back links etc to create traffic. I apparently wasn't very good at it. Ha Ha.

So now, I'm going to use this site for what I truly wanted to all along. A place to share my thoughts. A personal blog of sorts that no one will probably ever see. A place I can write my inner conversations with myself and my God.

There will probably be observations about people and situations that may seem snarky or funny, but sometimes I just need to get them out. There will hopefully be some insightful ramblings about things in my world. There will probably be advice to people who will never read it, but has to be said. There will definitely be prayers and bible verses and devotional comments. There might be recipes and how-tos for DIY projects. If Yankeebelle contributes it will probably be better stuff than mine :).

So, if you stumble across this site. Hang out for a few minutes and find something you like. Read it, copy it, even call it your own if you want.